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Bus-Seat Reservation

You cannot survive without travelling from one place to another. If you can, then in rare cases. To do this effectively, you require an efficient system for your travelling needs. You don’t have t travel again t the booking station, just wait for the bus at a nearest bypass and board. Easy booking. Reserve the best seat you like. You like that specific seat at the corner r near a window. Decide and use seat reservations for your travelling needs.


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Business Card Design

For every business to prosper, communication is always the key. There are different communication models. And the common one is by passing out your business card about your company and the contact information. You need a good looking business card that is well-designed t meet your specific needs. Take a look at this.


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Pen Tool artistic manipulation

Learning how to use a pen tool very well in graphics design is of great importance one cannot evade. At least let’s say this is the tool that I use most of the times especially with images and logo design.

This is an art drawn by manipulating the pen tool in graphics design software. Although some parts seem unfinished, it is worth the world seeing this. One can also use artistic media tool to come up with such, though it requires many skills than a pen tool.